Web Hosting 101 – Acronyms

In the web hosting world, acronyms are seen everywhere. To even begin to understand what is being said knowing the meaning of the many different web hosting acronyms is a must. Abbreviations cover internet topics from protocols and standard to development and security. This article will teach you some of the more commonly used abbreviations in the web hosting business and can be your web hosting 101 for acronyms.

Some of the web hosting acronyms that are regularly used include URL, WWW, and ISP. These abbreviations are seen on a daily basis by the average internet user, but few know what the actual meanings behind the letters are. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The Uniform Resource Locator, simply put, is the web address of a site. Now, an even more commonly seen term used widely on the internet is WWW. This, after the definition, is revealed, is one of the most obvious web hosting acronyms of them all. WWW stands for the World Wide Web and is the beginning part of the majority of web addresses, or as you now know as URLs, on the internet. Another term used on a regular basis in the hosting world is ISP. ISP is shortened from the term Internet Service Provider. Also known as a web host, the Internet Service Provider is the company one uses to access the world wide web and provides the user with internet. Whether one uses wifi, broadband, or dial up there is always an ISP behind the service.

Since the last paragraph left off with the acronym for the World Wide Web this section will begin by giving the meanings to some other address related acronyms used in web hosting. The DNS or the Domain Name System is a naming arrangement used for computers or any other means used to connect to the Internet or any other private web hosting network. An easier and more understandable way of explaining the acronym DNS is that the DNS is like an internet phone book. It interprets people comprehensible computer hostnames into IP addresses. To understand what was just explained you would need to know what an IP address is. The term IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address, also known as an IP number, is a language system or code which uses numbers and dots to recognize a specific computer on the Internet.

In conclusion, the Internet is full of many different acronyms used in web hosting. One must make themselves, at least, somewhat familiar with these terms if they plan on understanding the business of internet hosting. Now that you have read this article you should be familiarized with some of the commonly used abbreviations in the internet hosting business. Knowing the meaning behind these acronyms opens the door into the world of web hosting.