CS GO Weapons

In the world of Counter Strike, there are several implements of destruction – several efficient ways to put an end to your enemies. In Global Offensive, the list only expands, creating many more opportunities to be the next Rambo. Let’s start out with the dirty-work: stabbing people! The knife – quick and silent – is the swift killer we all know; in Global Offensive, however, several variants have been introduced: the golden knife, the falchion, the butterfly knife, flip knife, and many more.

People love packing a nine – or a desert eagle – and Global Offensive presents several opportunities here, too. Everything from the weak pistol gained after spawn to the p250, duel nighthawk Berettas, to the Night Hawk (desert eagle), revolvers, tech nine, and even the new and fancy CS75. The classic boombstick, of course, is always a wonderful way to vanquish your enemies. As always, there are several options. Whether you are happy with the original classics, or want the new, Global Offensive-introduced sawn off shotgun (if you’re a terrorist) or the MAG-7, firing several rounds of shot into several enemies in your grill will always be satisfying and rake up the kills.  

The personal defense weapon, sub machine gun, is the first of the “spray and pray,” weapons – allowing for the wielder to hold down the trigger, vomiting hot lead and death from the barrel of their gun. The disadvantages to the SMG is its short range – if your opponent is taking shots with a rifle, you’re toast. On the other hand, who doesn’t like wielding an MP5? The assault rifle is the sub machine gun but longer! Pressed to the shoulder, vomiting death at medium ranges, and allowing for a quick recoil makes this an excellent murder option. For those that are best at a long range, with one powerful bang, the sniper rifle will end lives at a far. You alone will have the ability to smile and rack up the kill – perhaps paying homage to the American Sniper – and present your targets with death from a mile away. Careful, though, their range is about as much as their cost – high. Finally, we have our machine guns! We can vanquish our enemies from a far distance, providing covering fire for you team mates, and allowing for people to feel the earth trembling under your feet. They are costly, however. Global offensive has introduced the m60; previously, the m249 was the only available option. Whether you’re a stealthy assassin, cool-headed sniper, or a maniac endlessly spreading chaos, there is a weapon for you; a weapon that can present chaos wherever you go.  You can customize this weapons and make them look more awesome by purchasing some skins here. This won’t increase the power of your weapons, but it will make them look super cool.