KASES is a digital magazine focused on dispersing science and facts and exposing the pseudoscience that are permeating our society. We the passionate individuals at KASES.org believe that pseudoscience inhibits the progress in our society and culture. We believe that everyone is entitled to their own belief system. That is not what we are against. What we are attempting to curb are the dangerous misinformation and charlatans crusading for their own financial gains, spreading false or ramblings that lack objective evidence.

KASES isn’t against religious beliefs. As a matter of fact, some of our writers hold various religious beliefs. We all hold amazement at the stupendously mysteriousness of our universe and how it all began. However, that doesn’t mean we will blindly latch onto any religious dogma out of fear and ignorance. What science can prove now with rigorously tested evidences are the guidance we believe in and use to make sense of the world around us.