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Best Science Learning Apps Available on iOS

Looking for ways to make science more accessible and easier to learn on mobile apps? There are many excellent smartphone apps that are designed to exactly to do this. With almost everyone these days having iOS and Android devices, practically everyone has access to these excellent science mobile apps.

We tested and played around with these thoroughly with an input from excellent mobile app sites like AppAnnie. Our top picks are as follows.

Bill Bye the Science Guy

Everyone’s favorite science television personality now has a mobile app, making him accessible to new generations of aspiring scientists. BIll Bye has a knack for making science easy to understand for everyone and this iOS app is no slouch in that department. With games and expriements overflowing, this is one app that you can trust and play with full confidence.

Essential Anatomy

For anyone needing to learn anatomy or just curious about how are body is composed, look no further. Essential Anatomy is a visual experience that is easily the best anatomy reference that you can download and use on mobile devices. One downside is that it is expensive compared to other apps at $25.

The Elements

Want a periodic table on your phone and tablet? This is actually more than periodic table that you would normally encounter. This is one amazing app that teaches you the history behind it, and the people who discovered the elements. Beautifully illustrated, The Elements is also the top interactive science app you can enjoy.