Relationships Between Science and Pseudoscience

First of all, what is the difference between science and pseudoscience? Science is an organized body of knowledge. On the other hand, what happens when “pseudo” is inserted in it? “Pseudo” means fake so therefore, pseudoscience is a system of beliefs that one may mistake as being based on a scientific method.

One must be wary enough to distinguish between the two. Pseudoscience is very evident nowadays in reflexology, iridology, medical astrology, therapeutic touch, meridian therapy, subluxation-based chiropractic, and other health-related aspects. Do not believe anything that the media tells you. Always search for the truthfulness and scientific bases of things.

In science, the findings are often lifted out from scientific journals that have already been reviewed by a lot of people. Their accuracy and honesty are already proven, most of the time. While in pseudoscience, the facts they present are often just aimed at the general public without any review given by notable people. This lack of verification makes its precision and accuracy questionable.

In terms of results, science delivers results which can be duplicated in the future through experiments. A precise description of the methodology would allow one to do so. On the other hand, pseudoscience results usually cannot be reproduced. How could you verify it then if it cannot be reproduced? Also, methodology is usually vaguely described and one would just be confused how it was done.

In case there are failures, science makes sure that these are carefully scrutinized to know what went wrong and what could be done right in the next time. With science, it is a practice that incorrect theories may make correct predictions by accident but no correct theory can every make incorrect predictions. In the side of pseudoscience, failures are often ignored, hidden, and lied about. If not, it tries to rationalize illogically or just avoid the matter.

As time progresses, you still continue to learn with science. In pseudoscience, learning just seemingly stops because no concrete and physical phenomena can actually be observed.

Science is purely evidence-based and anchors on logical and mathematical reasoning most of the time. New evidence that contradicts old ideas are welcome. Meanwhile, pseudoscience merely convinces people by appeal to belief and faith. Therefore, it primarily tries to convert and not to convince. You are made to believe in spite of the facts, and not because of them. If sticks to the idea it promotes, whatever happens, despite the evidences.

Finally, science do not make you buy products that are not tested or proven to be effective. Pseudoscience on the other hand, aims to profit by making you buy different products that are supposed to be helpful. These are usually in the form of books, dietary supplements, courses, and even services such as character readings, spirit messages, horoscopes, and predictions.

Know how to distinguish between the two and do not be fooled. It is important that you do a careful scrutiny of things first before jumping into conclusions. Always do your own research as it would not hurt to know more. Be wary of pseudoscientific beliefs cloaking themselves as legitimate scientific beliefs.